Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited

(SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)
[Formerly known as Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar And Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited]


Safety & Quality


Metro is emerging as the most favoured mode of urban transportation system. The inherent characteristics of metro system make it an ideal target for terrorists and miscreants. Metro systems are typically open and dynamic systems which carry thousands of commuters. Moreover, the high cost of infrastructure, its economic importance, being the life line of city with high news value, fear & panic and many casualties poses greater threat to its security. Security is a relatively new challenge in the context of public transport. It addresses problems caused intentionally.

Security differs from safety which addresses problems caused accidentally. Security problems or threats are caused by people whose actions aim to undermine or disturb the public transport system and/or to harm passengers or staff. These threats range from daily operational security problems such as disorder, vandalism and assault to the terrorist threat.

Passenger Safety Features

(i) ATP
The rolling stock is provided with Continuous Automatic Train Protection to ensure absolute safety in the train operation. It is an accepted fact that 60-70% of the accidents take place on account of human error. Adoption of this system reduces the possibility of human error.

(ii) Fire
The rolling stock is provided with fire retarding materials having low fire load, low heat release rate, low smoke and toxicity inside the cars. The electric cables used are also normally low smoke zero halogen type which ensures passenger safety in case of fire.

(iii) Emergency door
The rolling stock is provided with emergency doors at both ends of the cab to ensure well directed evacuation of passengers in case of any emergency including fire in the train

(iv) Crash worthiness features
The rolling stock is provided with inter car couplers having crash worthiness feature which reduces the severity of injury to the passengers in case of accidents.

(v) Gangways
Broad gangways are provided in between the cars to ensure free passenger movement between cars in case of any emergency.

(vi) Provision of Platform Screen doors /gates on all Platforms for passenger safety.

(Vii) Person screening/baggage screening/CCTV coverage on PF and also on trains/access controls for vital rooms and track/ access to paid areas through AFC gates only etc.

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