Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited

(SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)
[Formerly known as Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar And Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited]



Noise and Vibration Study

M/s. N V Dynamics awarded contract of N & V assessment during construction & operation phase in month of Dec2023 and first site visit and monitoring completed during 19-22 Dec2023 with submission of interim (Technical)Report in Feb 2023.

Waste Management

Solid wastes generated by Yards & Offices are being disposed off through GMC. Hazardous wastes and Biomedical wastes generated by Casting yards are being disposed off at Common disposal site authorised by GPCB. C & D wastes generated are utilised for backfilling of low lying area in consultation with Municipal Corporation. Muck disposal area identified and developed for disposal of muck within Casting Yard. Periodical compaction and watering activities practised at Muck disposal area. Empty drums and other non-hazardous wastes are sold out to vendors and few items & drums are reused as Dust bins and traffic diversion purpose.

Biodiversity management

The trees that has been be felled due to the project has been compensated by planting ten times the number of trees cut for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase II The Afforestation site has been finalized jointly with Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation.

15000 number of trees has been planted (2022-2023) for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project, Phase II . Native species are selected for Afforestation and post care maintenance has been contracted for 3 years. Biodiversity data sharing via GBIF : Biodiversity data (Flora, Fauna)survey and data assessment  has been carried out by GEER Foundation during July 2023 to Feb 2024 and  such data are published as per Project agreement through the global network of the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), which provides open-access to all.


Industrial water consumption includes mainly for Batching plant and Curing in Casting yards. Domestic water consumption is mainly for Offices and Labour camp. Both Casting yard has Drainage connection. Waste water generated from Batching plan is collected in Sedimentation Tank, and treated water reused for washing of Mixers & drums. RO plant installed for providing drinking water to employees and Labour colony, reject water from RO plant is reused for purpose of washing and watering to plantation

Green procurement and Environment training/awareness programs

GMRC has incorporated concerns of human health and environment in procurement process of civil works, materials, equipment & machineries and services. Tender document integrate the specifications and requirement of criteria that are compatible with protection of environment and society as whole. ESHS (Environment, safety, health & social) manual prepared by GMRC is part of each & every tender, which specifies the ESHS requirements as per Local, National & Global standards.

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