Project of Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited
(SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)


Smart Cards

GMRC Smart Card (CSC)

Purchase/Recharge of GMRC Smart Card (CSC)

  • Passenger can purchase Smart card at any operational stations by Payment of Rs. 100/- (Rs. 50/- as Security Deposit and Rs. 50/- as Stored Value) through Cash/UPI/POS (Debit/Credit Card). Stored Value Can be used for travelling in Ahmedabad Metro as per fare chart.
  • Passenger can recharge CSC in multiple of Rs. 50/- up to maximum of Rs. 3000/-
  • Passenger can recharge CSC using Token Vending Machine (TVM) and Recharge Card Machine (RCM) at Operational Station.
  • CSC remains valid for 5 Years from date of Last Recharge.

Use of GMRC Smart Card (CSC)

  • Entry-Exit: Tap Smart Card at Entry Fare Gate to Enter into paid area and at Exit Fare Gate to Exit from paid area.
  • Sequence: Each Entry shall be followed by Exit while using CSC.
  • Mismatch: If Entry-Exit sequence does not follow. There will be Entry-Exit Mismatch Error in CSC. Passenger shall contact Customer Care at station to eliminate error.
  • Requirement of Minimum Stored Value: Minimum Stored value required to enter is minimum fare of system.
  • Fare Deduction: Fare will be deducted at Exit Fare Gates as per journey performed. In case of Entry & Exit at same station, Minimum Fare of system will be deducted.
  • Facilities to check Stored Value: Passenger can check Stored Value through Token Vending machine (TVM), Recharge Card Machine (RCM) and ENQ Machine.

Note: ENQ Machine is currently not available. It will be operational soon.

Benefits of GMRC Smart Card (CSC)

  • Save Money!
    Passengers using CSC for travelling will be given 10% discount on completion of journey.
  • Save Time & Enjoy Convenience!
    No need to stand in a queue to purchase Token & can catch the train at last moment.
  • Great Flexibility!
    Smart card can be used by Friends, Family or relatives (One person at a time) as per flexibility.
  • Freedom!
    Journey can be Extended/Terminated without pre-planning as Fare will be deducted at Exit Fare Gates.

Refund of GMRC Smart Card (CSC)

  • Stored Value amount of CSC will not be refunded in Cash.
  • In case of Unreadable CSC, refund of Stored Value will be provided in new CSC as per Business Rules of GMRC.
  • If passenger wants to refund Readable CSC, only Security Deposit will be refunded after deducting admin charges (i.e. ₹ 20) and Negative balance (if any) as per Business Rules of GMRC.
  • Process for Refund of Stored value of Unreadable CSC in new CSC will take up to 7 days.

Note: GMRC Ltd. is not liable for the loss of Smart Card (CSC).

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