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National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

How to Identify NCMC enabled Card?

  • All smart cards with below symbol are NCMC Enabled Cards.
  • NCMC issued from any bank is accepted in GMRC network.

Purchase/Top up of NCMC

  • NCMC can be purchased through Card issuing Banks.
  • Add value/Top up in NCMC  shall be done by cardholder through online means provided by their issuing bank.
  • After Add Value done through online means, it is to be validated in NCMC for travel purpose. Validation of Add Value can be done through Customer Care Window available at all operational stations of GMRC.
  • Stored Value Can be used for travelling in Ahmedabad Metro as per fare rules of GMRC.
  • Validity of NCMC is as printed on card.

Use of NCMC

  • Entry-Exit: Tap NCMC at Entry Fare Gate to Enter into the paid area and at Exit Fare Gate to Exit from the paid area.
  • Sequence: Each Entry shall be followed by an Exit while using NCMC.
  • Mismatch: If Entry-Exit sequence does not follow. There will be Entry-Exit Mismatch Error in NCMC. Passenger shall contact Customer Care at station to eliminate error.
  • Requirement of Minimum Stored Value: Minimum Stored value required to enter is minimum fare of system.
  • Fare Deduction: Fare will be deducted at Exit Fare Gates as per journey performed. In case of Entry & Exit at same station, Minimum Fare of system will be deducted.

Benefits of NCMC

  • Save Money!
    Passengers using NCMC for travelling will be given 10% discount on completion of journey in GMRC Network.
  • Save Time & Enjoy Convenience!
    No need to stand in a queue to purchase Token & can catch the train at last moment.
  • Great Flexibility!
    NCMC can be used by Friends, Family or relatives (One at a time) as well as at different transport Networks (Enabled for NCMC) as per flexibility.
  • Freedom!
    Journey can be Extended/Terminated without pre-planning as Fare will be deducted at Exit Fare Gates.

Refund of NCMC

  • All refund and after sale dispute/grievance related to NCMC will be dealt by respective issuing bank and GMRC will not be liable for any type of after-sale services other than resolving the travelling related error and issues.
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