Government Of GujaratGovernment Of Gujarat

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited
(SPV of Government of India and Government of Gujarat)
[Formerly known as Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar And Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited]

Government Of GujaratGovernment Of Gujarat


1. System
a) Rolling Stock
b) Electrical Power supply, Traction, Air conditioning ,Ventilation
c) Lift & Escalators
d) Electrical & Mechanical System and Environment Control System

Rolling Stock:
· Review of design, tendering, Contract management for procurement of Rolling Stock
· Monitoring the production schedule of trains to match the requirement of rolling stock
· Testing & Commissioning of Rolling Stock
· Planning, construction & commissioning of Depots for Rolling Stock Maintenance
· Coordinate for manpower planning and training for rolling stock
· Performance monitoring of Rolling Stock under revenue service
· Planning and arranging spares for rolling stock maintenance
· Planning & Monitoring the Indigenisation of different equipment of Rolling Stock
· Monitoring the required modifications in the Rolling Stock to eliminate equipment failures observed so far
· Coordination for sanctioning of Rolling Stock from CMRS

Following update is suggested in accordance with the DPR and Traction System adopted by GMRCL for-

  • Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-I,
  • Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project Phase-II,
  • Surat Metro Rail Project Phase-I

Traction & Auxiliary Power Supply:

· Planning, tendering, construction and commissioning of following:
· Power Supply Installations consisting of
· Receiving  Sub-stations
· Auxiliary and Traction Sub-stations,
· High voltage cabling network
· Traction Power Control system
· 750V DC Traction Equipment
· Coordination for sanctioning of Power Supply System from CMRS
· Arranging power supply from DISCOMS
· Coordination for electrical supply tariff with DISCOMS/GERC
· Planning & commissioning of Third Rail System
· Performance monitoring of Power Supply System under revenue service

Air conditioning & ventilation system:

· Planning, Review of design, Tendering, Contract management, Construction and commissioning of following :
· Station ventilation, air conditioning & Smoke extraction system
· Tunnel ventilation system
· Testing ,installation and commissioning of the system
· Coordination for sanctioning of VAC System from CMRS
· Performance monitoring of VAC System under revenue service

Lifts and Escalators:

· Planning, procurement, installation and commissioning of Lifts and Escalators at stations , specially designed for elderly and physically challenged passengers
· Performance monitoring of Lifts and Escalators under revenue service

Electrical & Mechanical System and Environment Control System:

· Planning, Construction and commissioning of the following :
· Power Supply Arrangement at Stations, U.P.Ss, Lighting, Fans, Pumping System etc.
· Building Management System
· Fire Detection & Fighting System
· Emergency and rescue arrangement
· Coordination with other wings for design and site interfaces and utility diversion
· Planning & commissioning of Infrastructure Facilities for Preventive Maintenance
· Performance monitoring of E&M and ECS system under revenue service


Signalling/Train Control, Telecommunication and Automatic Fare Collection Systems:
· Planning, tendering, contract management, installation and commissioning of the

Signalling/Train Control Systems comprising of:

· Automatic Train Operation
· Automatic Train Protection
· Automatic Train Supervision
· Solid State Interlocking
· Point Machines / Signals /Track Circuits

Automatic Fare Collection System comprising of:

· Automatic Fare Collection Gates
· Ticket Office Machines
· Station Computer/Central Computer
· Design review and approval
· Coordination with other wings for design and site interfaces
· Pre and Post Installation, commissioning and integration tests
· Submission of CMRS application and compliance of observations and inspection
· Monitoring of performance of completed works during warrantee period
· Planning of manpower and training thereof
· Planning and execution of ERP system and office telecom network and office computers



  • Estimate, Budget control
  • Deal with consultancy work
  • Transport planning and related correspondence
  • Handle all civil engineering tenders, compilation of tender drawings and tender documents, pre-qualification tender drawings and tender document, to deal with correspondence and queries of tenders/contractors, preparation of briefing note and comparative statement, preparation of agreement and signing of agreement. Coordination and association with GC regarding tender and contract matters.
  • Updating of Civil Engineering Contracts
  • Maintenance of all tenders and contractors documents in safe custody and maintenance of confidential reports and documents.
  • Preparation of various progress reports regarding tender/contract matters, related correspondence and coordination with other departments.
  • Planning and integration of different activities/packages, updating and monitoring of project.
  • Revision /updating of project estimate and related activities
  • Generation of management information report regarding the project schedule/ mile stone and (ii) cost control.
  • Preparation and review of yearly budget, forecast of cash flow requirements. Preparation of periodical progress report of project like monthly progress report, flash report, etc to ministries and correspondence with various ministries in this regard.
  • Checking of alignment plans, L-Sections, Land plans; getting approval from HODs and keeping record thereof.
  • Checking of civil engineering construction drawings of stations of Rail corridor and keeping record thereof.
  • Planning and monitoring of all matters pertaining to track structures including planning, design, use of modern track structure/fittings, and coordination with other departments, especially to ensure overall compatibility of the systems.
  • Planning and development of infrastructure and maintenance of all civil engineering structures.
  • Programming and monitoring of works, presentation of progress report to management, flash Report, Monthly progress report, JBIC Quarterly Report, Interaction with JBIC regarding funding.
  • CMRS inspection, schedule of dimensions and all correspondence related to these items.
  • Environmental management plan and its monitoring.
  • Safety amd quarterly assurance, Internal Audit of works of all contractors.


  • Direction and supervision of all civil and utility works including review of estimates submitted by different departments are agreed.
  • Coordination with local authorities
  • Planning and construction of Depots
  • Geotechnical investigation -including depot and other structures
  • Water supply system
  • Design coordination
  • Tree cutting and plantation
  • Quality control and quality assurance at work sites.
  • Implementation of site safety plans, environmental plans at site
  • Completion of all woks at site within a stipulated time, keeping records of all site related activities, contract bills, finalisation of all claims, preparation of completion plans etc.
  • Contract and Project management
  • Tunnelling work
  • Track work
  • Floating of tenders, coordination with respective HODs and monitoring of the work Road diversions required before taking up the construction work, piles, pile cap and pier/ramp/raft/potals.
  • Launching girders, operation of segment, lifting, traffic diversion, alignment, exposing, stressing etc
  • Steel work, casting yard work etc
  • Land requirement review.
  • Keeping records of all site related activities, contract bills, cleaning etc finalisation of all claims and preparation of completion plans etc.
  • Execution of works related to property development and rehabilitation.


  • All civil engineering structure work.
  • Checking , co-ordination, monitoring scrutiny and timely availability of design and drawings and particularly to get functional and economic design
  • Coordination with DDC, proof consultants, GC and other departments for the structural design and drawings.
  • Preparations of design criteria and standard drawing of Civil Engineering structures to be followed in GMRC.
  • Project management of all records pertaining to structural drawing and designs including the details required for CRS sanction/inspection
  • Structural design of station


  • Acquisition of land (Govt. & Private)
  • Land survey, joint inspection and joint verification
  • Valuation of properties/structures
  • Relocation of Govt. structures
  • High power committee meetings and other meetings with Govt. Deptt. Rehabilitation
  • Tree cutting
  • Court cases in connection with land acquisition
  • Shifting of religious structures
  • Compliance of progress report and other data as required
  • Fencing and security arrangement till the land is handed over to the Contractors
  • Correspondence with Transport Commissions, Task Force Meetings Resettlement schemes
  • Calculation of reserve price, terms of allotment for all permanent rehabilitation


  • Architectural planning and design of all stations of GMRC
  • All architectural works of stations and other related structures
  • Signage, Graphic and Art works on stations.
  • Supervision of architectural works at stations.


  • Handling press, reporters, and media
  • Coordinating visits of VIPs and high and important official to various metro sites.
  • Handling various conferences and updating the media of the latest developments.
  • Organising road shows, giving wide publicity about metro, keep liaison with media, press, reporters etc.
  • Handling matters of public grievances, RTIs in coordination with concerned departments.


  • Attend different cases in various courts/quasi-judicial authorities.
  • Deals with all legal matters of the company including vetting of tenders, legal agreements and render advice.
  • Maintenance of various court case files


  • General administration and establishment bills,
  • Finance Scrutiny of Establishment proposals
  • Accounts & internal audit
  • Fund Management
  • Computerisation and development of MIS for Finance/Accounts
  • Tenders of Electrical , S&T, Civil, Stores including estimates & tender documents
  • Financial analysis, Expenditure, Cheques & Cash, Budget, cash and Bank investments
  • Taxation matters – corporate taxation, Tax returns
  • Finance Vetting and concurrences
  • Maintain all books and register for contracts, work registers and contractor’s ledgers
  • Audit -Internal Audit, Statutory Audit and CAG
  • Project cost control, feasibility reports, revised cost estimates
  • Fare Policy, Fare collection and accounting.


  • Manpower planning
  • Recruitment , Selection and Induction of staff
  • Handling interviews, medical examination, verification of character and antecedence, etcetera.
  • Providing training to employees. Sending employees for various on the job training relevant to their field.
  • Formation of Policy, Procedures, Rules and Regulations
  • Dealing with induction of staff on deputation from different organizations.
  • Annual performance Record- initiation and maintenance of the same
  • Promotion and transfer of employees
  • Payroll Management
  • Maintaining Employee records, MIS reports


  • Planning and monitoring of day-to-day operation of revenues services.
  • Co-ordination with other allied wings to ensure punctuality and reliability of train services.
  • Management of Operation Control Centre & centralised monitoring of train operations.
  • Crew management for efficient running of trains.
  • Management of stations, including monitoring of cleanliness.
  • Issue of smart cards / tokens to passengers.
  • Dealing with passenger’s complaints.
  • Dealing with property development matters within the station premises.
  • Dealing with contracts / outsourcing of manning of booking windows, parking spaces, shops, Kiosks etc.,